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ATH Training offer AED's to any school, business or organisation at cost price due to our passion for as many places having these life saving pieces of kit as possible.

The more First Aiders the better in case of terror attacks, and could save lives.

Shocking stats on the number of lives that could have been saved had a first aider been present.

Quick thinking saves little brother after choking on a coin, just days after being taught the life saving skills.

ATH Training launch FREE first aid for parents, in aid of the Neonatal Intensive CAre Unit at Basildon Hospital. Read more by clicking the link below.

Claudia Winkleman backs vital first aid lessons in schools

Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman is backing free life-saving lessons for children, just months after her daughter Matilda suffered serious burns in a freak Halloween accident.

Read more from Mail on Sunday 14th March 2015

First Aid heroes saved my Dad... after he 'died' three times

Golfer Bernard Gallacher suffered sudden cardiac arrest in August last year. His daughter, Sky Sports star Kirsty, says her father 'would be dead if it wasn’t for the first aid he was given'...

Read the full story in the Mail on Sunday 21 December 2014 


Minister backs campaign for vital CPR lessons in schools

Schools Minister, David Laws, became the first high-profile member of the Coalition to support the move to introduce basic first aid lessons in schools - simple techniques that could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year...

Mail on Sunday 21 December 2014 

Sister to the rescue as Madeley chokes on roast beef
Richard Madeley told how his sister saved his life when he almost choked to death on a piece of roast beef. The drama happened as the daytime TV host enjoyed Sunday lunch with his family at the Blue Strawberry pub, Essex.


Madeley, 45, said his quick-thinking sister, Elizabeth, who is trained in first aid, performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre on him, forcing the meat out of his windpipe.


He said: 'I encourage everybody to do a first-aid course and learn the Heimlich Manoeuvre. It saved my life.'

Read Richard's story in the Daily Mail 27 September 2014



Fabrice Muamba backs Asda's defibrillator campaign

The former Bolton Wanderers star met staff at Asda as they learned how to use the equipment which saved his life after he suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch two years ago.

Asda now plans to have a defibrillator in every branch.

Read the full story from the Manchester Evening News 5 September 2014

Teenagers share first kiss when she gives him mouth-to-mouth after he collapses on date

A young couple's first kiss ended up being the kiss of life after Zach collapsed suddenly with chest pains.Chloe performed life-saving mouth-to mouth resuscitation for 40 minutes until paramedics arrived.

Zach, who is now recovering from his ordeal at home, said: "If it wasn't for my girlfriend I wouldn't be here right now and would never have seen my family again.

"I will never forget it. I can't believe how close I came to dying.   "She was amazing, she saved my life on our very first day as a couple - I don't know how I will ever pay her back".

Read the full story from the Daily Mirror 11 July 2014



Schoolboy saves little brother from choking after passing a first aid course

James Reed stopped three-year old Harri from choking on a sandwich.   The quick-thinking youngster performed first aid when Harri turned blue.   He had learned how to deal with a choking incident earlier that day.   James will receive a special award for his bravery.

Read the full story from the Daily Mail 18 June 2014



Essex Lawn Tennis Association launches defibrillator scheme

Almost 100 tennis clubs across Essex are set to benefit from grants towards buying their own defibrillator

More details from Essex LTA 11 April 2014

First Aid Training could save thousands

A wider knowledge of simple first aid techniques could save thousands of lives each year…

Read full BBC News report of 12 April 2010


Football Coach wants all children to be taught first aid

The coach of a teenage footballer from Wiltshire who suffered a cardiac arrest during a match wants all children to be taught life-saving first aid.

BBC News Wiltshire 19.02.13


Nine year old hero saves mum from choking

Son saves his mum with first aid he learnt at summer camp.

Mirror News 21.08.13


Many lacking first aid skills

Survey suggests only one in 13 people feel confident they could carry out first aid on those ill and injured…

Read full BBC News report of 10 September 2009



Pupils need first aid training

If we are serious about reducing the incidents of injury and death then we need to make sure that people have the skills to respond in an emergency…

Read full BBC News report of 8 September 2006



''I've been so lucky. Thank God I'm alive''

Patrice Muamba 'devastated' as he is forced to retire from football following cardiac arrest that caused his heart to stop for 78 minutes...

Read full Daily Mail article of 15 August 2012 


Firms urged to buy defibrillator

Clinical evidence has shown that staff who are given additional skills in how to use an AED and who have an AED on site, have the potential to reduce the chance of death following a cardiac arrest…

Read full BBC News report of 14 February 2009



Off-duty police officers save man at Cheltenham cinema

The wife of a Cheltenham man whose life was saved after he collapsed at a cinema in the town has called for more public defibrillators...

Read full BBC News report of 27 September 2011



Referee Gabriel Tumelty's wife in defibrillator call

His wife Anne said he owed his life to the fact that the defibrillator was on hand. She also said the fact that personnel trained in its use had been at the ground and that the machine was properly maintained had been crucial...

Read full BBC News report of 15 August 2011



Defibrillator call after woman collapses

Lynda Donaldson suffered a cardiac arrest outside her restaurant last year.

A first aid trainer spotted her and used a defibrillator which he had in his car boot to revive her...

Read full BBC News report of 25 April 2012



Schoolboy struck by lightning in Swindon School

A spokesman for the ambulance service said that when paramedics arrived, first aiders were already giving the pupil CPR…

Read full BBC News report of 26 September 2012


Boy hit by lightening released from hospital

Schoolboy's mother said: "He's lucky to be alive - if it weren't for the staff at that leisure centre he probably wouldn't be here today."

Read full BBC news report of 2 November 2012



Binman receives resuscitation award

A Middlesbrough binman who saved the life of a toddler who had suffered a seizure has received an award…

Read full BBC News report of 16 April 2012